How To Block Text Messages On iOS AND Aandroid

Block Text Messages

The very happening and socializing life of today’s generation is alive and so lively only due to the calling and messaging serviced provided by the expensive and exquisite smart phones. The facilities provided by these phones don’t even make us feel far away from each other. You might be miles apart from each other, but due to the availability to smart phones, you will all feel closer to each other. “Far yet so near”!  Everyone is just one text or call away now. When there are such amazing advantages, it would be totally unjustified to say that there are no demerits.

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Some people do misuse the extra power or the privileges provided to them. Sometimes, you might be receiving a text from unknown number or let’s say strangers. The other times you might want to ignore a person forever or just stay away from someone for some specific period of time. In all of these situations, rather than just deleting the contact, it would be much better if you just block the text messages coming. Whether iOS or android, there is always an option available to block the text messages. A very simple guide will teach you how to block the numbers on both of the two.

How To Block Text Messages On iOS AND Aandroid

Block Text Messages On iOS

There are certain steps that you will have to perform in order to block the text messages from some contact. If you directly bock the contact, only the notifications would be turned off. You would then won’t be notified from that blocked contact ever. Follow the few simple and plain steps to block the contact from sending any text messages and irk you:

Block Text Messages on ios

Block Texts From Contact

  1. Tap on the message from the contact that you wish to block.
  2. In the top right corner, there would be an option of “details.” Select the option.
  3. To open the info page in the top right corner, tap “i.”
  4. At the very bottom of the screen, you will see the option “block this caller.” Without hesitating, select that option.

Block Texts From Unknown

Blocking the text from unknown or private numbers differs from the way of blocking the numbers saved in contacts. There are different steps that you will have to follow:

  1. Click on “settings.”
  2. Select “messages” and then click on the “filters unknown senders “option.
  3. A new tab will then be created in the messaging app called “unknown senders.”

All the notifications would be stopped after performing the above listed steps.

Block Text Messages On Android

There are various ways to block the messages on android. You could go for any way that you wish. The first way to do the needful is by following the follow steps:

Block Text Messages on android

  1. After opening the “messages”, click on the chat that you wish to block.
  2. Choose the “more “option and then select the number to block.
  3. Click “on” followed by “ok.”

The other way might be useful when you have to block more than 1 contact. For this the steps are:

  1. Click on “messages” and then select “more.”
  2. Proceed ahead by clicking on “settings.”
  3. First tap on “block messages” and then on “block list.”
  4. You can keep adding the contact’s number and adding a “+” afterwards.
  5. After finishing up with all the numbers, click on the back arrow.


Blocking text messages is a very helpful way especially when the situation completely goes out of hand. Also, there should be no sense of regret or guilt, as this is something which can be undone. If you can block the text messages, you can always unblock it by following the same steps. Usually, when the damage done cannot be controlled, blocking comes to the rescue.

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It literally saves the mess and helps you in getting out of it. Nowadays when the cybercrimes are just increasing in number, it is very important to have some defense or weapon to fight against it and stand against the injustice. Thus, blocking is a mere way that leads to the security. Do not get trapped in this baseless net of cybercrime. Choose the option that would set you free from the shackles of the society stigma!

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