Cable Vs Fiber Broadband: Which Is Better?

Cable Vs Fiber Broadband

Seeing the today’s world we all are very familiar with internet as it helps us to stay connected as well as updated according to the changes which occurs in our surrounding. Now while browsing the internet speed should be decent enough so that it can help to get the required information in less time and for that we have to use a good broadband so that it provide us with strong connection. Now there are different kinds of broadband like cable broadband as well as fiber broadband and both of them are good at their own, but if we talk about which will be the best,  they both may vary in different factors like speed, reliability, its availability to the location of the user as well as services being provided by the broadband companies.

Cable Vs Fiber Broadband: Which Is Better?

Cable Broadband

Talking about cable broadband which mainly uses a cable modem at our home for connection which converts digital signal into electronic and vice versa. The technology which is being used in cable broadband is DOCSIS 3.X. The cables which are mainly used in cable broadband are made up of copper which is in the core and is wrapped with dielectric insulator. These are also helpful in transmission of radio signal to provide a good speed to its users. Apart from these if we talk about the provider its cable TV which provides a wide range of cable broadband to its user.


Fiber Broadband

Talking about fiber broadband that provides wide network to its user and uses fiber optic cables which are especially meant for long distance communication. Now many of us might think why optic fibre is being used, well the benefit of using optic fibre can be many like low attenuation which means that it can provide its services in wide range by using amplifiers as well as repeaters, secondly we can say that it provide less disturbance as these are underground and are copper wire which is the best thing about fiber broadband. Talking about the working the range are mainly transmitted by sending pulse of light.


Cable vs Fiber Broadband

Seeing the various factor it can be easily judged that which broadband is better, Cable or Fiber. Thus there are some factor as mentioned below:

Cable Vs Fiber Broadband

  • Speed as well as reliability

    Talking about these broadband the most important factor that comes out is the speed. Talking about the cable broadband which uses copper cables like Cat6, can offer a good speed in Gigabit. But on the other hand if we see Fiber broadband which uses optic fibre as well as reliable because the cables are spread underground and gives a good speed over dozen of kilometres. As fiber is more faster than copper and less maintenance is required in fiber broadband and these are the reasons that most of the user prefer Fiber broadband.

  • Pricing as well as Availability

    Seeing the present prices have really gone down of fiber equipment’s. Talking about copper these are little avoided than fiber in metropolitan cities and talking about the availability fiber are available for longer distance and thus we can say that in today’s world fiber broadband are preferred more than cable broadband. If we see the price range fiber broadband are most expensive as we know the reason its uses optic fiber cable and the services provided are more than that of cable broadband. Seeing the price of cable broadband they are less expensive than fiber broadband as cable broadband can’t provide longer distance service like fiber broadband.

Who’s the winner?

As we have seen some of the factor of cable as well as fiber broadband and we can easily say that the winner is Fiber broadband but we are absolutely wrong. There are some other reasons like co-axial cables and for its great strength fiber goes down. On the other hand there are some situation like thunderstorm or electric failure in which fiber broadband fails to provide its connection to its user. Thus seeing this we can say that cable broadband should be the winner.

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Final Talk

At last but not the least I would like to end the topic by saying that what so ever we user are using be it a cable broadband or fiber broadband both are better among themselves but when it comes to comparison which broadband is better the users can simply pick cable broadband as no other broadband can be stronger than cable broadband. Thus choosing a cable broadband will be a good choice as in today’s world where technology has really gone ahead in making our nation digital by innovating some great things for us.

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