Top 5 Online Alarm Clock Websites To Set Alarm Clock

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If you are still wondering what technology can do, then here is your answer. Gone are the days when you were annoyed with beeping of alarm clock kept beside your head. Because now, it is an era of smart phone which has got everything that you need. The alarm clock has been an essential part of our lives since forever. Be it the natural cock-a-doodle-doo or modern alarm clock in smart phones; these are an indispensible part of our daily life. In this context, you would love to know that there are online alarm clock websites. Didn’t you know that already? Well, let us explore more about it.

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Online Alarm Clock Websites

Top Online Alarm Clock Websites To Set Alarm Clock

  1. Online Alarm Clock

    Online Alarm Clock would be your first choice if you are looking for something that serves the purpose in the simplest manner. It is a simple and sober digital clock which also has a second’s timer. You can easily set the alarm using the options given in menu, and set the appropriate time when you want to be awake. The alarm goes off in a loud manner and it makes sure that all your sleepiness is shed. You get to choose from the different sounds available in the list. Also, you can start the countdown timer, watch a fireplace, and do other stuffs.

    Online Alarm Clock

  2. Music Alarm Clock

    Music Alarm Clock is one of the simplest, yet a useful online alarm clock to keep you up to date with time. You will come across a sorted and clean user interface for this alarm clock. It is extremely easy to use and you will see that options are clearly indicated on the web software. The first step is to select the time and date in hour-minute-second format. Then, you can select the way in which you would like to wake up. You can either set a melodious tune or your favorite radio channel as your alarm ring. The last step is to enable the alarm, because without this it will not run properly. You can turn it off when you want and enable again if the same alarm is required.

    Alarm Clock Online

  3. KuKu Klok

    KuKu Klok has a simple layout and even then it manages to stand out from other similar sources. You can set the alarm easily using the plus and minus symbols present below the hour and minute digit. The current timing will be displayed in the website itself for your reference. As far as alarm tone is considered, there are options available like rooster, guitar, and trumpet which can be tried before finalizing it. Based on your choice and comfort, you can set the required alarm clock. You can click on the “Set Alarm” option and the clock will wake you up at the set time. You also have the option to keep it on snooze for 10 minutes after the alarm goes off.

    KuKu Klok

  4. Meta Clock

    If you thought that there is nothing different about these alarm clocks, then Meta Clock one will fascinate you more than anything else. It not only allows you to set the alarm and wake up at proper time, but also engages you in some interesting reading session after waking up. It can either show up an interesting fact, an event in history, or a reminder note that can be customized. May be you forgot about something and decide to sleep a bit more. In such cases, you can leave a note for yourself that will keep you updated. You can also list down the websites which you had planned to visit after waking up. Set the time and finalize your alarm.


  5. Sleep.FM

    The best part about Sleep.FM platform is its refreshing night sky background. The second’s clock ticks by and the digital clock has beautiful light blue color. The most convenient alarm clock is this because you can set the alarm by simple typing a single URL in your taskbar. There is no need to go to website and then make changes in the settings. When alarm goes off, you get to choose the things that appear on your screen. You can choose the weather updates, flight timings, or simply a refreshing alarm tone that will make sure that you wake up on time.


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